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SAG-AFTRA “Remains Ready At A Moment’s Notice” To Resume Bargaining With AMPTP To End Its Strike

Featured in Deadline by David Robb on Aug. 28, 2023

SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating committee said Sunday it “remains ready at a moment’s notice to go back to the bargaining table to secure a righteous deal” to end the actors’ strike, which is now in its 46th day. “Unfortunately, as we’ve seen from the recent news out of the WGA negotiations, it appears the AMPTP is still unwilling to make the concessions necessary to make a fair deal that would bring the strikes to a close.”

SAG-AFTRA leaders have said that they’ve been ready to resume negotiations since its strike began and only are waiting for Carol Lombardini, president of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, to call them back to the bargaining table.

On August 15, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG=AFTRA’s national executive director and chief negotiator, told reporters that “we remain very eager to get back to the table with the AMPTP, as we’ve said every day” since the actors’ strike began on July 14. “We have been ready, willing and able to continue bargaining with them and we very much want the AMPTP to come back to the table.”

He noted at that time, however, that “there’s been no contact by the AMPTP to SAG-AFTRA.”

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