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Greta Gerwig Tells Us Some Ideas Were ‘Too Strange’ Even for Her Weird, Wild, and Wonderful ‘Barbie’

Featured in IndieWire by Kate Erbland on Jul. 20, 2023

In a funny and frank interview, the director explains to IndieWire how she made sure "Barbie" didn't have "too many baby angel heads," why she very much believes in cinema gods, and the movie moment that's her self-portrait.

If anyone could make a “Barbie” movie for adults, it’s Greta Gerwig. For her third solo directorial outing, Gerwig’s choice to helm a film about Barbie (the doll? the doll?) struck more than a few people as odd (or worse), but Gerwig’s affection for the material and her whip-smart take on what Barbie really represents shines through.

Like Barbie, Gerwig’s “Barbie” contains multitudes: It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s deep-thinking, it’s clever, and it’s filled with wonderful crafts and stellar performances. It’s the rarest kind of blockbuster: entertaining, intelligent, and destined to be talked about for years to come. For Gerwig (who co-wrote the film with her personal and professional partner Noah Baumbach), it’s an expression of love and joy, another passion project in what we can only hope is a long line to come.

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