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WIF Kentucky is accessible to all who would like to see our industry of storytellers, both in front of and behind the lens, strive for industry-wide gender balance. Whether you’re an individual member, patron, or a company or organization looking to sponsor change, we are excited to partner with you.

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Join a movement of women creating an entertainment industry free of bias.

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Make a tax deductible donation‏ or sponsor our events and programs.

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Become a Member

Full Membership
($95 per year)

Professional women with at least 3 years experience in the industry; Eligible for all programs and all discounts; Eligible to vote. 

Associate / Student Membership ($75/year)

Professional women with less than 3 years experience in the industry OR women currently enrolled in a college-level film, television, or digital media courses; Eligible for all programs and discounts.

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There are numerous ways for your company or organization to partner with WIF Kentucky. Whether it's event sponsorship, program sponsorship, please contact us and let us know how we can work together to support equality in the entertainment industry.

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If you have opportunities to share with WIF Kentucky members or subscribers, contact us to have your screening, discount, or offer considered for inclusion in our newsletter.

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