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Bonita Elery

Programming / Special Events

Bonita is an actress, writer, improviser, and stand up comedienne. She’s a miracle worker.

Bonita knew from an early age that she wanted a career in the arts. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, she worked as a graphic designer for Fox5 News in Atlanta, Georgia. After a successful experience in the corporate world, her dreaming expanded to new heights. She sold her house, stepped out on faith, and moved to New York City to fulfill her dreams of being an actor.

She can be seen in TV shows like Swarm, Queen Sugar, Stargirl, and countless others. She just wrapped on the film Desperation Road with Mel Gibson.

Her pilot One Star Chef based on her life as a designer trying to be a caterer made it to round 2 of The Sundance Labs Workshop in L.A. She also has written comedic monologues on the website Her one act comedic play Hot Potato was performed through Small Plates with the NY Actors Guild and it was a winner in The Fade to Black Festival where it was performed live in Houston.

When she's not up late at night playing Fallout 4 or having a nervous breakdown because she ate too many chocolate chip cookies, you can listen to her podcast I am not a Robot or catch her teaching sketch, improv and performing standup in different cities.

Bonita Elery
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