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Hollywood Films Written By and About Women, Part 1

Featured in Pipeline Artists by Hilary Van Hoose on Mar. 22, 2023

With Women's History Month in full swing, people at parties or on social media are once again having conversations where they list their top however-many movies by female writers or directors.

As someone who spent a fairly incalculably enormous proportion of my childhood sneaking out of bed to watch late-night marathons of classic cinema on the old movie channels, I'm all too eager to hear the names of obscure old flicks that none of my peers seem to have even heard of.

Unfortunately, everyone invariably either lists off movies that are by women but about men, or only name movies made in the last decade or two, until I come barging in like the forgotten echoes of Cinema History 101.

Since I've had this conversation so many times I just about have it memorized, I figured it was about time to make it into an article. So, here it is.

This is the first of a three-part series in which I'm going to talk about noteworthy female-led feature films that were written or co-written by women.

Let's start by going over 10 films, spanning from the Silent Era until the end of Hollywood's Golden Age in the late 1940s.

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